35 Contact Hours PMP Training Program

The PMP Training Program based on the Latest Exam Content Outline Applicable in 2024.
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Attending a 35 Contact Hours PMP Training Program is mandatory to apply for the PMP exam. If you are involved in project management and aspire to become a PMP, then you must be looking for training program for yourself.

This 35 Contact Hours Training Program is your secret tool to pass the PMP exam on your first try. This is a video and text-based PMP training course that can boost the effectiveness of your studies and help you understand the content for the PMP exam. 

This course has many tools to explain the concepts: video sessions, practice questions, the PMP Formula Guide, true/false statements, flashcards, and a mock test. Access to the course is for one year. 

While reading this, you may be feeling lost or discouraged. 

I get it, trust me. I was there 11 years ago, working 48 hours a week and aspiring to pass the PMP certification exam. 

Since then, I have not only passed the PMP exam, I have also helped thousands of professionals pass the PMP exam on their first attempt. 

With hundreds of students taking part in this PMP Training Program and thousands of copies of my PMP exam preparation guides sold, I have distinguished myself as one of the best creators of PMP preparation guides and training programs. 

I assure you this program will provide you with everything you will need to prepare for and pass the PMP exam with minimal hassle, and will also earn you your 35 contact hours training certificate.

How This Training Program Was Developed and Evolved

Many readers told me about the stressful experiences they had while preparing for their PMP exam. 

They felt as if the provider was only interested in fulfilling the requirements with minimal effort. 

Some online courses provide downloadable videos, and the students are required to watch them. After watching the video sessions they have to pass a simple test and then they can download their course completion certificate. 

Others offer online video streaming. Once students have watched all the sessions, they can download the certificate. 

There was no other supporting material to help them prepare for the exam. In all cases, there were only video sessions explaining the concepts, then you download the certificate, and that is it. 

The aspirants were not satisfied with the options. They wanted a complete and comprehensive tool to help them prepare for the PMP exam. 

Many of these professionals were regular visitors to my blog, and they were impressed by my articles and PMP exam preparation guides. They suggested that I develop a PMP training program, and I liked the idea. 

So, I looked into how I could reach and help more potential PMP exam students. I have a passion for PMP, and things started moving fast. 

After a few months of hard work, the PM Sprout website was launched, and then this 35 contact hours PMP Training Program was developed. I collaborated with PMSimplify to complete the course. 

This PMP Training Program is now the core of my work. 

It has been more than a year, and this program has evolved a lot since its inception. This program has been updated many times to incorporate ideas from PMP aspirants and successful exam takers. 

I have added a lot more true/false statements, and a new lesson on flashcards has also been added. In addition, I have added notes and end-of-chapter exercise questions, along with many more additions. 

These features make this contact hours program a complete PMP exam preparation tool and the best in the industry.

Produced in Collaboration with PMSimplify

I developed this course in partnership with PMSimplify. They are a PMI-approved Authorized Training Partner (ATP),  formerly known as Registered Education Provider (REP). This collaboration ensures that you will get everything you need to achieve your PMP certification on the first try.

What is in The 35 Contact Hours PMP Training Program?

Let’s break down what you will get with this training course.

 Instructions on How to Get the Most Out of the Course

The initial instructions are important to understanding the entire contents. It is like a syllabus that you would receive in a real classroom environment. It contains information on how to follow the course to understand the program efficiently. 

This is the key to using this PMP Training Program. You must read this lesson before proceeding further.

 Video Sessions

Not everyone learns effectively by reading. Our neatly designed and easy-to-understand video sessions will teach you project management concepts in a visually captivating way. This will allow for the easier absorption of the information and will help you remember critical facts during the exam. This phase of the course is where you will spend a lot of your time, and it is the most useful part. 

These sessions include all concepts from the latest PMP exam content outline applicable from the Jan, 2021 including the water fall, adaptive and Agile methodologies.

 PMP Formula Guide​

In the PMP exam, you will see a lot of questions based on mathematical formulas. Many aspirants are uncomfortable with this section and skip these questions, thinking they can recover the lost marks in other areas. 

This will not be the case with you. I have added my best selling PMP Formula Guide to this course for free. This Formula Guide contains over 85 examples and practice questions to help you understand all the math-based questions you should expect to see in the PMP exam.

 True/False Statements

It is scientifically proven that true/false type questions help learners remember and understand the content. Once you are ready to test what you’ve learned, be sure to attempt the true/false statements sections. 

This is an excellent way to see if you need to review more or if you are ready to take the next big step. It is simple: keep practicing until you are comfortable with the content.


Flashcards are a great tool to help you remember concepts. These are written in straightforward language and provide you with all the technical knowledge about the terms. 

In the PMP exam, there will be many straightforward questions. These flashcards will help you crack those questions. They will help you learn project mamagement concepts fast, saving you time and ensuring you are well prepared for the PMP exam.

 Practice Questions

Doing practice questions helps you strengthen concepts. This course comes with 360 PMP exam sample questions. They are high-quality questions with no repetition, so with each question you will get a new concept. These questions are thoroughly reviewed and error-free to provide you with the highest standards. 

 Mock Test

This mock test is updated with the 7th edition of the PMBOK Guide and it features very similar questions to what you may experience in the PMP exam as well as a similar structure. Be sure to use this test to discover your weaknesses and determine whether you are ready to take the exam or not. 

I call it a reality check and a way to further improve your knowledge.

 My Dedication

I have dedicated a lot of time and effort ensuring that the content in this course is useful for PMP aspirants. I spent many hours organizing the learning process, talking with students, and implementing their feedback. 

This 35 Contact Hours PMP Training Program is everything you need to pass the PMP exam. 

Still having doubts? Take a look at the key advantages.

9 Advantages of the 35 Contact Hours PMP Training Program

While the obvious reason for taking this 35 contact hours PMP Training Program is to pass the PMP exam and take your career to the next level, there are several advantages that make this course perfect for you.

 Online Learning Platform for PMP Preparation

This 35 contact hours PMP Training Program started small and turned into something bigger. Instead of fulfilling only the requirements, I took it a step further and made it a complete exam preparation tool. 

My vision is to not only save you time and money but also to help you learn effectively, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Being cross-platform, all you need to do is sign up through the website and purchase the course you are interested in. It’ll be available whenever and wherever you want. 

This PMP Training Program is mobile-friendly.

 Created by an Experienced Professional and Critically Acclaimed Author

With over 15 years of experience in project management, this 35 contact hours PMP Training Program is one of my proudest creations. 

I created the course in partnership with PMSimplify, so you will learn from an online learning course that is designed and led by seasoned industry professionals with significant academic and field knowledge. 

Being an engineer with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree, I earned my PMP certification in 2010, and then my PMI-RMP certification in 2012. Around that time, I published my PMP exam preparation guides, which have sold thousands of copies to date.

 High-Quality Content

No fluff, no questions or lessons that are unnecessary or out of date. My goal is to create high-quality, professional content that involves typical concepts with easy language, at an affordable price that works for everyone. 

All you need is the enthusiasm and ambition to pass the PMP exam, and this course will provide you with all the high-quality content that will help you pass it on the first attempt.

 Fresh and Constantly Updated

This training program is based on the latest exam content guidelines applicable from the January 2, 2021. I put enormous effort into including the latest statistics, terms, and heuristics that are important in project management and that are part of the latest PMP exam. 

I also assure you that this program will always be current and updated in the future.


It is not just the quality of the content, it is the way it is organized: simple and practical. This 35 Contact Hours Training Program has over 800 sample PMP exam sample questions. The practice exam questions and PMP Formula Guide are the core advantages of this course. 

Practicing them will be a significant help in preparing for the exam and boosting your confidence level before the exam.

 Highly-Responsive Support

I care about each of my students and readers, so if there is anything that is not clear or if you need any help, I am here to reply quickly and with relevant answers. You can post your query to the discussion forum and I will respond to you quickly. You will also have my email address in case you need to contact me personally. 

It is like having your own personal trainer for the PMP exam.

 Ask Questions and Get Answers on the Forum

If you want to get feedback from other students of the 35 Contact Hours PMP Training Program, you can ask questions on the forum. Feel free to post anything related to the course.

I have always believed that the key to creating something amazing is to be transparent and open. That is the true concept of effective learning and better understanding. The forum is just an additional tool that will help you understand and learn faster.

 You Control Your Own Time

In-person training boot camps are not only more expensive, but they demand more time. Classes are scheduled based on the trainers’ availability, and not according to your suitability. With my online PMP Training Program, you can study and prepare at your own pace, and as per your schedule.

 Includes Mock Test that Increases the Rate of Success

This PMP Training Program is organized logically for efficient exam preparation. You can take the mock test at the end of the learning process. The mock test is very similar to the real PMP exam and gives you a real sense of where you are at with your knowledge. 

If you pass the mock test with more than 70% correct answers, you will most likely pass the exam. This will give you an amazing confidence boost that is the key to passing the exam on the first attempt.

Who is the PMP Training Program 35 Contact Hours for?

At its core, this training course is for any professional who wants to take a big step forward in their project management career. Since, on average, certified project managers are paid 20-30% more than uncertified employees, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the motivation to attain the PMP certification. This online PMP Training Program is ideal for almost any project management professional such as:

  • Team leaders
  • Assistant project managers
  • Team managers
  • Project executive
  • Project engineers

Through our online learning PMP preparation course, you’ll get practical knowledge and a confident mindset to achieve your PMP certification on the first attempt. The 35 contact hours PMP Training Program includes:

 35 Contact Hours Certificate

 Video Lectures

 Study Notes

 End-of-Chapter Exercises

 True/False Statements

 PMP Formula Guide with Many Examples and Practice Questions

 PMP Exam Sample Questions

 Mock Test

 Content Based on the Official Latest Exam Content Outline (Jan-2021)

 1 Year Online Learning Access

 100% Money-back Guarantee

This full preparation course for PMP exam success is designed to be flexible and affordable, so you can learn what you want, when you want.
Spend less, save time, and take your career to the next level.
Note: * Along with this course you will also need the PMBOK Guide, PMP exam reference books, and a simulator to practice questions to prepare for the PMP exam. These are not a part of this training course.

Ready to rock? Let’s get your training started!

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Frequently asked questions

1.  Why Are The 35 Contact Hours Needed?    

When applying for the PMP Exam you will have to show evidence that you have attended 35 contact hours of formal education. After you complete this course, you can apply for the PMP exam. Attending a training program is a requirement to apply for the PMP certification exam, and your training course must be completed before you apply. 

2.  How Long Can I Access The Course?       

You will get one year of access to the course, which is more than enough time to complete the training and download your 35 contact hours training completion certificate. During this period you will have unlimited access to this course.    

3.  I Don’t Like the Course, I Want My Money Back.      

We have a 3-day money-back guarantee. In case you want a refund for any reason, we will refund it, no questions asked. Please note that if you have attended the course completion test and downloaded the 35 contact hours course completion certification, your request for the refund will not be processed.     
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