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PMP Mock Test

Test Your Readiness for the PMP Certification Exam.
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  • ​Have you already prepared for your PMP examination and want to find your shortcomings and knowledge gaps?

  • ​Do you want to gain confidence by understanding and experiencing the real test environment?​
  • How about getting instant feedback and results analysis to supercharge your preparation?

This expertly crafted mock test is updated with the 7th edition of the PMBOK Guide, and is aligned with the current exam content guidelines applicable in 2023. This test comes with 180 unique PMP exam sample questions with no duplication of questions.

How This Mock Test Will Help You?

  • ​The mock test will help boost your confidence and check how ready you are for the real exam.
  • ​The questions designed are similar to those in the real PMP exam, giving you an accurate simulation of what you’ll see on the big day.
  • Having trouble with questions? No problem! I will help you with every detail, so you can fully grasp and conquer any question that comes your way.
The test has been validated and revised by dozens of successful test takers and experts in the field. No fakers here.
This mock test covers everything in the PMP exam, such as ITTO-based questions, situational-based questions, formula-based questions, and interpretation-based questions, so you’ll be covered on all bases and be ready to hit a home run.​

This Mock Test has multiple choice questions with single response, multiple response, and fill in the blank question

If you do end up feeling like you’re in it alone, there is a discussion forum available to all students to help share ideas, new strategies, and to work together to help one another achieve their goal. Additionally, you’ll also have full access to my support. If you have any questions before making a purchase, or need more information on how this mock test can help you, just send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I want to give you all the practice you can get, as my goal is to help you understand the PMP exam as best as possible. You will have constant opportunities to ask questions and I will keep you in the loop with everything to help you succeed.

Mock Test Highlights

A few features of this mock test include:

  • You have access to the test for a three-month period, allowing you to take as many attempts as your heart desires.​
  • It is based on the seventh edition of the PMBOK Guide and the latest PMP exam content outline applicable in 2023.
  • Detailed answers and references to the PMBOK Guide are provided (whenever applicable).
  • ​Instant feedback and results analysis.

You can access this test from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Whether you’re at home on a desktop or on the go with a phone or a tablet, I’ve made this test available so you can work on it at your own convenience. The test also offers instant results and analysis every time you submit your answers, helping you to grow your skills exponentially.

The program is also designed to be kind towards your wallet at an extremely affordable rate. No other website in this price range offers this type of valuable mock test.

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